Our most popular specialty is called our “Brian’s Special Breakfast”. When Jeannie lived in Hawaii, an amazing place with so many people of various ethnic backgrounds, she sampled some unique and interesting combinations of foods that were adapted to fit the melting pot of cultures that exist there. It was the first time she had ever seen a Spam sushi. Jeannie really liked the flavor of a Portuguese sausage called Linguica. It was there that our version of Brian's Special Breakfast was first sampled and conceived; Linguica sausage folded into scrambled eggs with onions and served over rice. This hearty meal is served with fruit or hash browns or home fries, and your choice of toast. It’s so good that our customers come back to eat it regularly. Served with salsa if you like a spicier version. Rice is one of our popular side dishes, it’s not usually found in breakfast restaurants on the mainland, but it is a staple in Hawaii. Omelettes are another one of our specialties, try one from our menu or try your favorite, original creation. If we like it, we may have to add it to our menu. All of our omelette’s can be made scrambled, so your combination choices are endless. And since we spoil our customers, you can order egg whites or egg substitute instead of whole eggs at no extra charge.
    Our son’s good friend, John E, created one of our best sellers “John E.’s Scramble”. He and our son, Brian Jr., would come in together for breakfast and Brian Jr. would always order his “Brian’s Special Breakfast” with both linguica and pork sausage and John E. would always order his favorite mixed-up concoction of scrambled eggs, linguica sausage, avocado, mushroom, cheese, and green salsa. The servers found that writing all of that down was such a pain; they began writing “John E.’s Scramble”. After personally tasting this breakfast, we discovered that John E. is a young man with a very discriminating palette! The flavors of the linguica sausage mixed with the eggs, mushrooms, and salsa give this dish a kick that blends so well with the creaminess of the ripe avocado slices and cheese. Both Brian Jr. and John E. were away at different universities, but as soon as they came home, guess where they come in to eat every time?
    For lunch, we serve a variety of delicious hot and cold sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads. We serve vegetarian sandwiches and burgers as well as lower fat turkey burgers. Forget about bland taste in low fat, our turkey burgers get raves from our customers and it’s one of our favorites! Try to wrap your mouth around our Club sandwich! It is stuffed with thinly sliced all white turkey breast, slices of crisp bacon, layered with lettuce, tomato and cheese. If you like big juicy hamburgers, try the half-pound Brian’s Burger, it’s just big enough for Brian Jr. and it’s served with a heaping side of crisp french fries. Our delicious 8-ounce steak sandwiches are tender mouthwatering Rib Eye cuts of Angus beef. Our corned beef is made in house. Tender and juicy with just the right amount of fat. It melts in your mouth. Don’t pass up the chance to order one of our old-fashioned, hand made milkshakes served with the can, still made the same way after 31 years. We also serve an assortment of beer and wine. Bring your appetites; we are the home of big platters!

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